Exploring Ishgard and Ryko’s Rat Conspiracy

While walking through Ishgard and exploring parts of the town, I saw a glowing stone from far away. I directly knew it was Ryko with her massive Titan bow.

She had also safely arrived in Ishgard together with her awful rat. :\ Too bad, rats are tough animals so they can live really everywhere…

2015-06-21 Ryko in HW

Ryko wasn’t amused about my comments about her beloved “squirrel” so she ran off. <.<;;

I was doing some errants in town and got to know some merchants. It’s always good to have connections.

2015-06-21 Ishgard bag seller NPC

Suddenly, I ran into Jam. She kneeled down in front of me for no obvious reason O_O;;

Was she finally worshipping me like a goddess? ö.ö

2015-06-21 Gathering Jam

Not sure what to thing about Jam’s actions, I fed my new pet: A little something that looked like something really adorable! Way better than Ryko’s rat!

Some people sell them for a lot of money but I found this rather cruel and just invited the one I found in a Dungeon to my minion army.

2015-06-23 Minion

Later, I checked if I could find a book about this animal in the Ishgardian Library.

While I couldn’t find a useful book that contained the information I was looking for, I found instead really wise looking scholard. I felt like I was in a magical old castle, full of mystery, magic and ancient stuff! ö.ö I like the library!

2015-06-21 Ishgard Library

With the Moogle Post I received a little Gryphon. She’s smaller than all the other ones so nobody wanted to get her. My moogle was attentive enough to look out for such a special animal and arranged that it was sent to me. The Gryphon and me now go on all adventures together! ò.ó/

2015-06-23 Gryphon Flying

Except she’s scared of Black Magic. So she runs whenever I drop bombs.

2015-06-23 Mage LB 01

That was when I suddenly saw Ryko again. She was out in La Noscea, shooting things with a so-called gun! O_O; It looked really dangerous. Where did she get such a murderous tool? @_@;;

2015-06-21 Ryko the Rat Machinist

Not sure if Ryko had strayed away from the path of the light, I left her do her thing in peace. I would observer her and make sure, it’s not the rat that makes her follow a dark path into destruction and shooting with a suspicious tool!


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