EA Event: Lalafell Dart and Low ilvl Duty Challenge

Before the journey to Heavensward began, we had a small social event in Euro Asylum. It was to challenge Duties with roughly the recommended item level. Our aim was Titan HM with ilvl60 – and of course really bad weapons!

While we waited for people to show up, I had organized a small Lalafell dart event at the house. I had read about this idea and found it pretty fun.

The Lalafell (me) would stand in the garden while everyone else would stand on the roof. Then, they would jump like darts and try to hit the aim (the Lala).

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 01

Sometimes, I was hit x__x

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 02

Sometimes, people were off by a lot! XD

It was quite funny.

Due to the low attendance for this one, I gave away lots of nice things to everyone who hit me.

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 03

Thanks to my healing skills I did not take permanent damage.

Then, it was time to challenge Titan HM. Everyone had digged out their Job quest gear from ages ago and some really bad weapon.

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 04

It was quite a challenge with 2000-4000 HP!

There were a few causalties but all in all we survived like pros!

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 05

Afterwards, we couldn’t decide what to do exactly and some people needed a break so in the end, only 4 people remained.

We decided to go full WAR in Wanderer’s Palace.

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 06

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 07

It was totally fun to see everyone with Wrath auras, each tanking and killing their own enemies.

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 08

We successfully slayed the Tonberry King.

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 09


2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 10

Next, we went in as DPS, but all different DPS! Two of the same was not allowed.

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 11

Of course we beat the duty too but I didn’t make heroic puctures ;_;

2015-06-13 EA Lalafell Dart 12

All in all, the event was fun and an enjoyable thing to do before Heavensward. Nobody was really doing anything anyway. Too bad, not more people joined though. I would have loved to do Thornmarch in bad gear XD


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