Riiko’s WHM Analysis 3.0

Heavensward has been out for a while now and I have made over 11.000 Screenshots which still need to be sorted. At least I finished the story but there are still dungeons and loads of quests to go. This is why I decided to make a summary of my experiences as WHM which is the first job I’ve leveled to level 60.

WHM Nerfs
Very annoying, very unnecessary, if you ask me. But nobody is asking me. <.<;

WHM was indirectly nerfed as everyone’s Protect now has Protect+Shell effect in one. Which is fair enough from my point of view.

Presence of Mind
2015-07-01 WHM Spell 07
Does not increse spellspeed by 20% as the tooltip states. Instead, it reduces cast and recast times. This is especially important as now, spellspeed influences DoTs. So PoM does not make DoTs stronger, it still does the same thing as before: make you cast and recast faster.
I’m totally fine with this. It basically does the same thing as before, so why bother too much.

2015-07-01 WHM Spell 06
From originally 240 potency to all enemies was changed to 200 poteny for the first enemy, 180 to 2nd, 160 to 3rd, 140 to 4th, 120 to 5th and 100 to all others. It still stuns.
While this is a huge nerf damage-wise, at level 60 its MP cost is extremely high. From my experience so far, You can’t just go out there and spam it like before. The damage nerf sounds really bad but we get other new tools to compensate for it. My initial rage and disappointment about this change soon changed into acceptance while toying with the new spells.

2015-07-01 WHM Spell 08
No longer 18% but 10% damage absorbation. Just like all other healers. Except, we cast the spell slightly faster. Woohoo!
This, I cannot accept just yet. I can understand that 18% is a high amount especially at level 60 where 20.000 HP is no big deal. The 18% would be 3600 HP which is immense! Instead, it only absorbs 2.000 HP. Still, I feel inferiot to SCH and AST who get their own shield in ADDITION to 10% Stoneskin. Where is the WHM Shield?

New Stuff

Asylum (Lv. 52)
2015-07-01 WHM Spell 04
Its size is the same as the SCH Soil. It’s size is slightly smaller than the SCH Soil. About 2 Lala heights smaller or 2 bushes which can be found at the Ishgard Summoning bell. It’s not huge but not small and big enough for tank and melees to fit in nicely.
It’s basically an additional AOE Regen effect for the tank and melees. Please note that it’s just 33% weaker than the single target regen with a potency of 150. Or you can say, Regen is 50% stronger than Asylum but it’s single target and not aoe.
It is instant cast and can be used about every 2nd pull. Knowing the pulls and pull sizes is kinda important. Using it on bigger pulls is recommended to support the normal heals. Positioning it can be tricky depending on the enemies’ AOEs. It’s an off GCD ability, so play it smart (like, use it after Regen on the tank or somet.
It is important to know that its healing poteny is reduced with Cleric Stance but NOT increased with Divine Seal. I was told this is because Asylum is an ability, not a spell. It’s silly though…

Stone III (Lv. 54)
2015-07-01 WHM Spell 03
There is no reason to use Stone II anymore, except when you’re level capped. Or out of MP. But then you have other problems.

Assize (Lv. 56)
2015-07-01 WHM Spell 02
Assize heals, deals damage and recovers 10% maxMP. Its use should be done in a smart way while taking into consideration what you need.
Using Assize while in Cleric stance will deal high damage to the enemies (1k+ for my nooby ilvl140) but in return privode low heals (about 400+). Using assize without Cleric Stance, will deal low damage (400+) but high heals (1k+). It is not influenced by Divine Seal.
Make sure to use it when missing at least 10% of your maxMP. What I like to do is do 1-2 Holys and then use a quick Assize while a Swiftcast-Holy has GCD. Yes, Assize is an off GCD ability.

Aero III (Lv. 58)
2015-07-01 WHM Spell 05
Higher potency than the other Aeros, longer duration AND AoE. I see no reason why to not use this spell. Best to use at the start of a trash mob pull as it’s a DoT.

Tetragrammation (Lv. 60)
2015-07-01 WHM Spell 01
WHM’s Instant cast heal to be used next to Benediction. It only has 50 more potency than Cure II but it’s instant cast and can only be used every 60 seconds. SE intended it to be the WHM’s second tool beside Benediction to save the Tank’s life. Too bad it’s not a percentage of HP so it would be uninfluenced by Cleric Stance. But SE was kind enough to already take that away from Scholar so there was no hope for the WHM in the first place… <_<;
Tetragrammation has no animation lock like Benediction. (At least, I didn’t feel like it did when I tried it out)

On one hand, I disapprove of the nerfs, especially of the Stoneskin nerf.

On the other hand, SE gave us many new ways and tools to heal and make up for the lost Holy damage (Assize, Aero3). On a side note, Holy has become too expensive to just spam it. ;_; I am still using Holy but in combination with Aero III and Assize when available/needed. Someone actually calculated that with Aero III and Assize and the nerfed Holy, we deal more damage than with the un-nerfed Holy! I’d like to think that’s true! ö.ö

I am still using Stoneskin for each pull to prevent some damage as it’s the WHM’s only shield. I will probably never get over the 8% we lost, but there isn’t much I can do against it…

All in all, White Mage has grown into a nice job’s who’s still best in pure healing and DoT Healing! ò.óV TSCHAKKA!!

I really would have loved if Presence of Mind increased Spellspeed. Imagine how it would have buffed Regen, Medica II, Asylum and Aeros! ö___ö;;

Please note: All Instant cast healing abilities cost NO MP!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Loxie
    Jul 02, 2015 @ 13:20:28

    You are not the only one disappointed with the Nerfs. I’ve cut back my usual DPS because of the MP Drain for little damage gain. Plus you have to consider the high damage caused by mobs even when highly geared tanks have only 3 attacking them.

    Shame really, it’s nice to have healers who can DPS too. Now my DPS is cut down to desperate DPS vs TIME fights.

    Nice summary though Rii Rii



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Jul 02, 2015 @ 14:09:26

      Very true indeed.
      I imagine, as the ilvl rises over time, the currently lv60 dungeons will become easier as tanks will take less damage and we will get more opportunities (and MP) to DPS. It’s just a matter of time.



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