Sightseeing log: Climbventures

Next up were some Climbing Vistas.

I tell you, some of them are so hard, it’s really frustrating.

Firt up, It took me several attempts to get on this thingy:

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 21

Like a pro, I jumped on a fence that was 5 times as high as myself! ö.ö

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 24

While this doesn’t look spectacular, it’s a hell of work to get up there.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 44

I discovered an awesome treehouse. It’s owned by some wils Miqo Ladies who would not share with me. They were kind enough to let me up there though. It was a nice adventure.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 40

/point like you mean it!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 25

Dancing on the vines.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 32

I pretended to be a member of those cultists in Northern Thanalan.

It worked.

Not sure if it’s good or not…

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 33

Some gate climbing. It was not really spectacular like the other vistas before…

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 46

Climbing on that stone pillar wasn’t as easy as expected. My Chocobo has to jump super far!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 35

Climb those Aetherites!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 39

Super Challenge: climb on the fence of a bridge.

Hint: It’s not challenging at all.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 41

More Climbing:

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 38

And even more pole climbing!

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 47

I’ve never seen the Kobolt stronghold like this.

It was a great experience and I was really impressed.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 45

Last but not least, the most amazing view!

I felt like I was looking down on an old magical land, never touched by anyone.

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30-2

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30-3

2015-06-05 Sightseeing 30-4

Impressed by the beauty, I decided, this would be a good time to have a break from the sightseeing and instead prepare for my trip to Heavensward.

Tomorrow, the journey will begin and I’m excited!

Many things will happen tomorrow and the next weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to report in time next week. With so much going on, I’m not sure if I can handle the flood of new things to discover and writing about it at the same time x_x;

See you in Heavensward! (If the servers allow it…)


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