Sightseeing log: The first steps

The sightseeing log was always just sitting there, pretty much untouched.

The descriptions told me like nothing. It was like the person who wrote them was speaking a different language.

So I traveled to this location I thought was correct and did /lookout

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 04

Nothing happened.

I became impatient and checked with what other adventurers had found out.

Turns out, you need to be at the exact correct spot in the correct weather at the correct time of day.

Yeah, right.

I climbed up to this point in the Leatherworker’s guild. Yes, I followed a bulk of adventurers who were trying to get up there for no obvious reason and ta-daaa! A vista for the Sightseeing log.

Who would come up with this?

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 03

I had enough of this crap and took a break for a year.

After a year, I followed an “interactive guide” in order to find visit the location at the right time with the right emote.

It feels like cheating but I also get to see really nice views and new hideout spots, so it’s still an adventure!

The Apkallu falls from above:

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 05

Overview of the Sylph camps in East Shroud.

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 06

Such a great view near Oshon’s Thingy!

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 07

I’m so light, even cloth can carry me!

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 08

Praying to some giant statue:

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 09

At the Chamber of Rule, some lala was staring at me really strangely.

I must have looked kinda suspicious here >.>;

2014-06-05 Sightseeing 10


This should better be continued another day…


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