Unpublished pictures!

A very old picture of when I finally got my Royal Tunic body after farming Crystal Tower for ages.

I was very proud of this body piece!

Please also note how I am showing off my adorable legs!

2014-02-18 WHM Royal

Landscapes can be astonishingly beautiful.

Coerthas can be pretty.

You don’t think so?

I think so:

2014-02-14 Landscape Coertas

One of my favorite places is the lost city of Nym. Especially at night during a clear sky.

2015-05-17 Landscape 01

When I was still a young Arcanist, I traveled the world with my Egis. Sometimes Scholar, sometimes Summoner, sometimes Arcanist to spend time with my loyal Carbuncle.

Riiko Survey Poll 05-dancing

Mingling with the highlevels!

Riiko Survey Poll 04-highlevel

Mingling with the bikini cats.

Riiko Survey Poll 03-sexy

Mingling with Gegeruji and his servants.

Riiko Survey Poll 02-HOT

Maybe I should go on a sightseeing hunt.


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