Unlearning Desynth and Invasion of the glittering Ponies

One fine day, I wanted to unlearn how to desynth Culinarian stuff. I had been leveling in with the hopes of desynthing rare fish.

Turns out, I never went to catch those rare fish.

So I needed to get a book that made me unlearn it by reading it.

The only problem: None on the Auction house and I could oly do 3-star recipes, not 4-stars.

Thankfully, there was a saviour: Sis

2015-05-24 CUL Desynth unlearn 01

She seemed to know that some people learned Desynthing food and fish and wanted to undo this big mistake as fishing turned out to not be their virtue.

Sis kindly helped me and crafted a book from the ingredients I brought her.

2015-05-24 CUL Desynth unlearn 02

I quickly unlearned and started to practise how to desynth leather.

That was when I noticed some glowing, glittering, flashing and colorful light nearby.

When I investigated further, it was a rainbow that had gathered in Mor Dhona.

A rainbow of Ponies!

2015-06-05 Elemental Ponies

They are everywhere now.

And they still look awful on Lalas.

Under Lalas.


Anyway, I made this for Mag one day, as I like to call him Maggi.

2015-06-05 maggi

Yes, this is a liquid seasoning, often used in soup which is called “Maggi” over here – although Maggi is just the brand.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akhe
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 09:34:15

    I-if you touch it in the right way… firmly, but gently… something sticky come out?



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