Coilventures: LOL13 – it’s easier than T5 or T9 they said [Spoiler]

The time to challenge the last and final enemy of Coil had come. Mini-Bahamut had to be killed within his own heart.


Anyway, my mind and body were ready!

2015-05-21 T13 19

…or so I thought.

Bahamut raged among us. Blue flames, hotter than normal fire from some fireplace at home, burned us alive.

Thankfully, we are adventurers and are always revived.

2015-05-21 T13 15

He ganged up with his Twintania slave and laughed at our weak powers.

2015-05-21 T13 17


2015-05-21 T13 16

At some point, we were kinda annoyed with him.

Even the usually calm Shik had enough of Bahamut’s superiority.

2015-05-21 T13 18

Bahamut didn’t like the provications and blew us up once more.

000_t13 majestic

“It’s not that hard”, Thy said.

“It’s easier than T5 or T9”, they said.

I say, they are all liars! It’s hard and it’s awful and it’s long and it’s meh and it’s terrible and it’s wipeful.


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