Coilventures: T13 [SPOILER]

T1-12 were beaten. Next up: T13.

I was very surprised when we suddenly went in there. I was not prepared. I had not watched a guide or read ANYTHING about it.

I only knew, we had to slay Bahamut – which had been impossible years ago.

2015-05-21 T13 01

So the twins lead us near his restoring body.

2015-05-21 T13 02

Bahamut kinda woke up and was not pleased having visitors.

2015-05-21 T13 03

He bursted some fire upon us, which we just survived.

In fact, only the twins got hit. Take that for being unuseful!

2015-05-21 T13 04

Next up, Bahamut started some enormous flare cast which would actually have killed all of us.

2015-05-21 T13 05

But this time, the twins were useful!

Alisae used her powers: She summoned her grandfather for a brief second in order to create a barrier around everyone.

2015-05-21 T13 06


2015-05-21 T13 07

Next up, the twins started working together for real.

2015-05-21 T13 08

They combined their books to one complete book!

2015-05-21 T13 09

This book created some blue aura around us.

2015-05-21 T13 10

And then send us into Bahamut’s heart.

2015-05-21 T13 11

2015-05-21 T13 12

When we arrived, we didn’t believe our eyes.

2015-05-21 T13 13

A Mini-Bahamut was awaiting us! He was living inside of the real Bahamut’s heart.


2015-05-21 T13 14

Needless to say, we’d rather battle a small Bahamut than a giant Bahamut.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Thyla Cassandra
    Jun 05, 2015 @ 13:45:09

    Even at this size, he is deadly. But I was amused when they fused the books and started being useful.



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