Friendship is Epic

In anticipation of Tataru inviting me to the travel to Ishgard, I had lots of spare time and not much to do.

So I showed Leo the FC chest and taught her how it works.

She knew it already. I still taught her. Nothing else to do.

2015-03-18 FC Chest Leo

I observed Chaosi. A mighty Lalafell from an other dimension – as he claims.

His pet-slave is a Shantotto minion through which he communicates with the real Shantotto.

This is really scary! He must be super powerful.

2015-05-19 Chaosi Shantotto

Nez is really not feeding her chicken well. It’s all thin and nearly starving!

Together with my little chocobo chick, I motivated the green chicken to eat more and become as cuddly and healthy as my lil chocobo.

2015-04-20 Chicken

The other day, my chocobo helped me out picking the right saplings for my garden. He has a good nose and knows what is good – especially because he knows I’ll feed him some of the fruits or nuts that will grow!

2015-04-14 Botanist 01

In World of Darkness, I often joined as Monk and was able to use Limit Break 3!

Here are some absolutely epic and majestic pictures:

2015-04-15 MNK LB3

I particularily like this one:

2015-04-15 MNK LB3 02

One day, I was able to observe these hot cat ladies.

2015-04-20 The Catladies 01

So I invited Mag to pose as hottie next to me. His WHM is progressing every day! He’s practising how to heal quite a bit, especially since I try to join him as Bard for my relic lights.

2015-05-17 Zeta 03

Later, Trem joined me and we showed off our Zetas.

2015-05-17 Zeta 01

When we realized, we had kinda melded the same stats, he let me ride on his Garuda horse! ö.ö So cool!!

2015-05-17 Zeta 02

While I don’t mind looking at those horses, whenever I ride on my unicorn, it looks like someone chopped off its legs. I don’t want Primal horses with chopped off legs. <__<;;


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