Relic adventures: I love Atmas…NOT

It was time to farm Atmas.

2015-04-24 BRD Relic 01

It took me ages to farm 3 sets of Atma.

Why 3?


First of all, I upgraded my sword and shied for glamour.

2015-05-25 Relic 02

Then, I upgraded my axe to a bloody axe for glamour.

2015-05-25 Relic 01

Last but surely not least, I upgraded my bow.

Then I did all the books with my bow.

And then I did all the Materia infusing for my bow.

2015-05-25 Relic 03

I obtained the Novus bow.

2015-05-25 Relic 04

Now, it was time to farm light. Lots of light.

So I queued for some duties.

2015-05-25 Relic 05

After a long time of waiting, I knew, the hardest challenge ahead of me apart from T13:

Getting into duties to farm light as Bard.

The queues were long and if you queued “in progress”, you might end up in a dissolving group after 10-20 minutes of waiting.

2015-05-25 Relic 06

This is harder than I thought!


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