Crazy Ninja Airship Mode

I slowly train my Assassin skills all around Eorzea.

Preferably, I stab my enemies in the neck. As Rogue, I can jump on the tallest enemies without problems and hit their weak spot. ò.óV

I’m a pro!

2015-04-16 ROG 00

Together with my dear Rogue buddy, I discovered dead bodies.

We figured out, they had something to do with some underground organization.

2015-04-18 ROG 13

That was when a really crazy dude with strange face paint appeared.

He moved like an idiot and talked crap.

2015-04-18 ROG 14

While protecting a girl that pretended to be innocent and powerless, I tried to deal with this crazy dude.

2015-04-18 ROG 15

That was when that Ninja dude appeared and the innocent girl turned out to be some Ninja girl.

2015-04-18 ROG 16

While they had a heated discussion about some stuff, the crazy dude threw a sharp weapon I had never seen before at me!

Thanks to my experience in dangerous fights, I evaded easily.

2015-04-18 ROG 17

When the crazy dude disappeared, the Ninjas asked me to follow them.

2015-04-18 ROG 18

They invited me to their secret hideout.

2015-04-18 ROG 19

When I entered, it looked really strange inside.

They had nearly no furniture and some strange paintings on the walls that didn’t even look nice.

Most likely, they were using this place for training?

2015-04-18 ROG 20

Nope, when the Ninja challenged me to a training session, we went outside.

After the training, he accepted me as his apprentice.

I didn’t really ask for that as I liked being a Rogue and going on adventures with my Rogue buddies. <.<;

2015-04-18 ROG 21

At least I learned how to run ninja style:


2015-04-18 ROG 22

I had learned my first Ninjutsu – a skill only Ninjas can use!

Whenever I failed this Ninjutsu, an adorable rabbit appears on my head.

I think, from now on I will always fail to keep this adorable buddy by my side.

Even Loxie loves the cute Vivi-Cosplay-Rabbit!

2015-04-18 ROG 23

Mag tried to teach me some more Ninjutsus, but I ended up summoning the Rabbit…

Maybe I did it intentionally to test Mag’s patience… I wouldn’t be that evil, would I?

2015-04-18 ROG 24

Anyway, my Ninja Training will continue and I shall report about it every now and then.


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