FFXI Paint Comic Week: WHM and BRD

In FFXI, you could have Subjobs which were only half of your main job level and use their traits, spells and abilities. This way, a WHM was able to wield 2 clubs and melee the hell out of enemies.

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 WHM-NIN

The text-version:


In FFXI, a Bard’s job was to sing: Keep 2 songs active at all times, while healers get 2x ballad to regen MP and Tank+DPS get ATK+ and/or Haste+ songs. While keeping up these songs that would wear off after 1-2 Minutes, the Bard had to pull enemies from their spawning points to the place where the party was fighting.

Yes, it was a very busy job.

Please see below the Pulling strategies:

Paint-Comic-Housewife-2015-03-23 The real Bard




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