Coilventures: T12 [Spoiler]

So it was time for some T12.

2015-04-16 T12 01

We were all eager to get this done. The twins lead us to a control panel near Bahamut’s body.

2015-04-16 T12 02

That was when their grandfather, Louisoix, appeared.

2015-04-16 T12 03

A powerful aetherial power emitted from his body. His mind was controlled by Bahamut.

2015-04-16 T12 04

And he transformed into a Primal: Phoenix.

All the aether that he had absorbed into his body when protecting Eorzea had made him into a Primal! O.O;

2015-04-16 T12 05

In preparation of the battle against Phoenix, Doc opened a bottle of the fimest Champaign.

2015-04-16 T12 06

Somehow he really tried to cheer me on.

It worked.

2015-04-16 T12 06-2

We fought fiercly against Phoenix and his offsprings.

2015-04-16 T12 07

And there were more little Phoenixes and Plumes and rushes and so much going on!

2015-04-16 T12 08

After weeks of practise, we finally managed to defeat him!

2015-04-16 T12 09

Actually, it wasn’t great that we had defeated Louisoix. He was a good man after all.

But at least, we freed him from Bahamut’s control.

2015-04-16 T12 10

He said goodbye to his grandchildren and assured that Primals are always summonable!

2015-04-16 T12 11

He then disappeared.

2015-04-16 T12 12

It was kinda sad. Even Lyssa cried.

On the inside.

2015-04-16 T12 13

Next stop would be Bahamut itself. We would kill him once and for all! ò.ó/

2015-04-16 T12 14

We left the area and Lyssa and Rei started showing off their new bikinis.

And so did I!

2015-04-16 T12 15

I don’t know why mine was not appreciated :(

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