Patch 2.55 Part 6: Nanamo’s Resolve [SPOILER]

While we had some conference with the city states’ leaders the other day, we didn’t really come to an agreement regarding Ishgard.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 16

Also, Nanamo had been extremely thoughtfull those days.

Something was off here.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 17

She had invited everyone to a huge banquet!

Except for me as I had a private summoning to her very own chambers! (Another proof that we are best friends! ò.óV)

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 51

While Milfi and the crew was chitchatting with the nobles and Aymeric, I was on my way to Nanamo’s chambers.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 56

I was very happy to not having to attend the banquet the whole time. This awful chitchat was just not my thing.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 57

Nanamo was praying in her chambers when I arrived.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 53

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 54

Nanamo had arranged some lovely wine for our reunion! ö.ö

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 55

So she finally let me into her chambers!

Shall I say, her rooms are pretty? ö.ö

I really wish I had a cozy bed like her <3

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 58

We had a little drink together.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 59

She was then telling me about her still top secret plans.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 60

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 61

It was a great plan and I was pretty sure it would make Ul’dah a better place. The only question was: how would the nobles react if their power would be taken away?

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 62

Whatever should happen, I would be on Nanamo’s side!

She was giving up her power for her people’s sake. That was one of the most noble acts I had seen in a long time.


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