Patch 2.5 Part 3: Steps of Awfulness [SPOILER]

All over Coerthas, dragons arrived and attacked anything they saw.

Courageous adventurers slayed them, but more and more appeared.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 18

Where ever you went, dragons were arriving and eating what they could find. Mostly people.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 19

This had to stop.

The only way was to kill the Alpha Dragon who was leading the small dragons to their attacks.

Masses of adventurers had already gathered to face the Alpha dragon.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 20

And then, he arrived!

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 21

Click on Read More to see what happened next! @___@;;

We ran on the bridge to stop the Alpha Dragon from coming over to Coerthas.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 22

Not sure why he wasn’t just flying where we would have had a much harder time to beat him.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 23

We were also just allowed to be 8 people on the bridge because IDK!

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 24

Mag and me lead our group against the awful dragon.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 25

While he was slowly walking towards each small barrier, attempting to destroy them to proceed to Coerthas, we attacked his tummy.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 26

That was when suddenly we saw loads of barrels filled with oil or something.

If we blew them up, there was a chance that we could blow the dragon off the bridge!! ö.ö

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 27

We blew them up and the dragon fell off like a lil baby.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 28


2015-03-31 Story 2-55 29

The Dragoon appeared again. Not sure why he hadn’t helped us though…

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 30

Well, at least we protected our part of Eorzea for now.


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