Story 2.55 Part 1: The Dragons are coming

I was asked to run another errant for Milfi.

Rowena was the only one who found it inappropriate.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 01

I went to see Yda who was still trying to get over the loss of her dear friend.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 02

That was when we saw them in the sky.


2015-03-31 Story 2-55 03

Shiva was the one who walked up to the bridge to Ishgard. The dragons were on the other side and a barrier was preventing them from coming over to Coerthas.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 04

Unfortunately, Shiva did some magic.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 05

The barrier burst apart.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 06

And the dragons arrived in Coerthas.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 07

Within seconds, Coerthas was filled with adventurers, eager to help fight off the dragons.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 08

But, I wasn’t asked to help just yet.


I was summoned to a meeting with Aymeric.

2015-03-31 Story 2-55 09

While waiting for Alphi to arrive, Aymeric told me some stories of his life.


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