Delivery Moogle Adventures: Conspiracy in Ul’dah?!

As my popularity amongst the Moogles grew, I got more important letters to deliver.

Like for example a letter to Lanadnealrlalalaalala, this dude that just wouldn’t give me his Odin card! Ò_ó (still don’t have it)

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Landendel 01

He was in a pinch because something about his old master bothered him. So I took him for a walk so he could talk with some of his buddies.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Landendel 02

I think, he had a totally different problem. Other adventurers were following him around for no apparent reason.

He must have felt stalked. :\

No wonder he looked so worried.

In the end, he found a random lance in a rock and was happy again.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Landendel 03

I like people who are satisfied that easily.

On the other hand, there was Wymond. I delivered him a letter that was addressed to some Raymond but the handwriting was so bad, I had not been able to decipher it properly…

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 01

So Raymond’s daughter was kidnapped o.O;

Wymond and me went to save her – still not knowing who Raymond actually was.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 02

They were forcing that little girl to work and run errants for them!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 03

So in return, their camp suddenly happened to blow up.

Eh… it wasn’t us ofc. <.<

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 04

We brought back the girl to this Raymond dude who we found by following the girl.

Her parents were eternally thankful and the mom gave me a letter to give to Wymond to thank him for his heroic act.

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 05

So I gave him the letter…

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 06

Turns out, the mom was the flower girl where Wymond used to buy a flower every day he went past her! She had found her happiness and I think Wymond might have had a crush on her.

I wonder if Wymond has a special someone now. Maybe someone from LS is interested? :O He’s quite kind and righteous!

2015-03-31 Postmoogle Wymond 07

My Delivery Moogle level went up!

Now it was time for a very special quest: Supervising the apprenticeship of new Delivery Moogles in training. ö.ö


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