Tankventures: Warrior Expert

I’ve trained hard to improve my Warrior skills. While leveling, I oriented myself at our Linkshell’s experts. Also regarding Tanking fashion.

Not sure why Mag is disagreeing with this one D:

2015-02-16 Tankventures 01

Anyway, I accompanied my Warrior teacher to this village, where his buddy went rampage.

2015-02-16 Tankventures 02

In the end, both went rampage and I had to knock them down.

Tsk, I have to do everything by myself, don’t I?

2015-02-16 Tankventures 03

My teacher came back to his senses and taught me some final skills. He said, it’s difficult to control the Inner Beast but I think it’s rather easy.

You just need to know when to stop ò.ó

2015-02-16 Tankventures 04

And so, I became a Highlevel Warior.

Leon was super jealous that I looked so cute and he didn’t. Well, he should have not grown up ò.ó

2015-02-16 Tankventures 11

The same day, I joined the 2nd Coil Linkshell event.

As Warrior.

Mag took me under his wings and told me what to do.

I was super nervous.

2015-02-16 Tankventures 05

I looke cool and all, but was I strong enough to take the beating, to keep the hate and to lead the group into victory?

2015-02-16 Tankventures 06

Look at my pro tanking!!

2015-02-16 Tankventures 07

Of course, we won T6 and proceeded to T7.

Mag taught me how to channel my powers for the upcoming fight.

2015-02-16 Tankventures 08

I can be honored to be guided by such an experienced tank! I learned so many little things.

Also that I am really bad at picking up the adds that spawn in T7.

2015-02-16 Tankventures 09

In the end, I became main tank and did the “lazy” work: Taking hits from the boss – and whatever else came after me… @____@;;

2015-02-16 Tankventures 10

In the end, we were successful and defeated all foes.

This gave a big booster to my Warrior carreer and I’m less scared to tank other stuff now.

Thanks everyone!


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akhe
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 11:42:29

    It’s not surprising that Riiko have a hard time picking up the adds. Riiko is naturally hard to hate.

    Also I don’t like your tank fashion either Riiko. You didn’t follow Loxie method in one most important place – Riiko should show Riiko’s pretty face, using either invisible protective helmet, or glamourglasses helmet. Ofc warrior doesn’t need the INT boost from the glasses, but you might find them very provoking to certain kinds of things and also definitely Mag! Riiko should also wear some kneeboots (or higher!) as Loxie does… rawr… I love it when Nef wears those kinds of things…



  2. Rhaqui Sarae
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 12:59:34

    Whoa! Tank Riiko! Never thought I would see that…. don’t become scary now.



  3. Ritzin Konone
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 13:40:03

    Loxie?! Akhen that’s me ;;

    awful lalafells



  4. Thyla Cassandra
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 17:59:11

    Nice job tanking T6-7. I found tanking as war rather hard because you can’t go in easy mode like pld since you got to know fights by heart so you can time inner beast for absorbing tank buster move. Although dps rotation is not too hard but timing the use of berserk was rather annoying too.
    After it’s road to master tanking and dpsing.



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