Riiko’s little adventures

So, inbetween my big adventures, I have some small adventures that are mostly nice and enjoyable.

Like, I heard rumors that Rowena’s Café is visited by famous People of the Land.

The only person I met there was Scott. Together, we waited for hours but nobody showed up. The café is very unpopular =.=;

2015-01-28 Rowenas Cafe 01

I also met Migh’to the other day. Did he always have those fiery eyes? ö.ö

2015-02-11 Mighto 01

He looked kinda hot, so I took a few pictures with him and made him model of last month’s calendar.

2015-02-11 Mighto 02

A while ago, Mag and me obtained little Puffy of Darkness as minion ö.ö

Mag also has a reaaaaally fluffy tail ö.ö I like hugging it. (Please refer to screenshot to avoid misunderstandings.)

2015-02-18 WoD 01

Recently, a new catlady is standing in Mor Dhona day and night. She offers a quest for all those who love climbing through the complete Crystal Tower. With the rewards, we can upgrade our gear.

2015-02-18 WoD 02

In general, it’s a great thing, but it does become quite painful if you happen to be teamed up with troll-adventurers.

The other day, I was teamed up with experts and was able to use a caster Limit Break. Looks so evil and powerful ö.ö

2015-02-18 WoD 03

In Mor Dhona, I met a famous person: Mr. Face! I didn’t even know he was part of Excalibur.

He just appeared next to me when I was crafting.

2015-02-15 Mr Face 01

He noticed I was taking pictures of him, so he took off his hat like a gentleman! ö.ö

A very nice man!

2015-02-15 Mr Face 02

I also took a picture of my kinda partner look with Mag! ö.ö

2015-03-05 Mag Gathering 02

Mag helped me gather ingredients for Grade 2 chocobo food which was given away at the EA Chocobo Race event. :D

Many people wanted it. Thanks Mag! <3

2015-03-05 Mag Gathering 01


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  1. Akhe
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 10:50:18

    Aren’t all Riiko’s adventures small adventures? Also fun and enjoyable?



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