EuroAsylum: Triple Triad Tournament: Gambling with Scott

One fine evening a bit ago it was time for an EuroAsylum Triple Triad Tournament!

Sir Scott initiated and organized the whole thing!

I was really excited while waiting for this social event as participant and not as organizer ö.ö

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 01

When all had gathered, we started the matches. I didn’t do too bad.

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 02

When it came to a match between Leo and me, I had not the slightest chance. @_@;;

Not even with my good-luck-bikini. :\

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 03

In the end, it came to a final decisive match between our TT-aces Uzi and Leo!

It was pretty exciting to see our TT masters battle x_x

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 04

As the matches were over, I distributed the prizes: Many Mandragora Minions!! :D

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 05

And then, we had a big party!

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 00

Afterwards, I got to know some Chocobo-Spriggan-Lala.

She was rather scary and my Bunny-senses told me to listen to her.

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 06

She tamed me and some fat chocobos while Leo and Uzi watched the whole thing.

I think they were pretty worried but I didn’t really care :D

2015-03-18 TT Tournament 07


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Akhe
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 14:24:33

    OMG Riiko has been tamed! Does Mag know about this?



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