Gold Saucer: GATEs, Minions and new friends

GATE. This is like a FATE but within Gold Saucer. Thus the G instead the F.

GATEs take place at various spots of the Gold Saucer every 30 Earth minutes.

If you feel like it, you can sit down and watch people fail.

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 13

Like for example at the most awful Ultros GATE. You stand on the platform – at any spot you want. Then, you get frozen and Ultros will snort at random spots but fixed patterns. If you’re hit, you’re out. This is repeated several times. If you survive, you get loads of MGP. If you fail at any point, you get nothing. DUN DUN DUN.

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 21

A cool GATE is the mounting climbing Cliff Hanger GATE.

You are to climb up a mountain while evading the bombs that are dropped and explode after a short time. They will push you off and you have to start all over from the bottom.

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 22

Some people also do not care about access limitation. (I wouldn’t either!)

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 30

There is another climbing GATE where you have to rescue a little Chocobo chick from the top!

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 31

You have a great view from up there.

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 32

All those GATEs, Triple Triad matches and Chocobo Races provided me with enough points to buy a Fat Chocobo Minion! ö.ö

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 36

We’re best buddies and quickly make lots of new friends!

Only Leo is a bit doubtful towards our cool outfits. ;_;

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 39

I tend to take little Fatty everywhere. We have so much in common:

Indescribable cuteness, chubby hips, cuddly, cute face, carefully styled hair, laziness deluxe.

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 37

Mag joined us at the fireplace, some person of the land had started. The soup was still cooking and we shared it through the night. ö.ö Yummi!

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 38

Potato has made friends with Fatty too. He’s ow watching over us while we’re napping. :D

2015-02-24 Gold Saucer 40

You don’t know how to spend your MGP best? Adopt a fat chocobo now and experience a new bond like never before!


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