Delivery Moogle Riiko solves Ixali and Scholar Problems

So I was sent out once more to solve some problems between the troops in the Shroud and Ixalis.

Some little boy was lost in the woods and the Ixalis saw this as an attack into their territory while the gridanian troops saw it as an obduction of the little boy.

What to do?

2015-01-27 Delivery Moogle Ixali 01

While I was toying with the option “Rip his beak off”, I prefered solving this in a more diplomatic matter.

In the end, all went well and the Ixalis agreed to a friendly handout of the boy. It ended up a lottle complicated cause everyone had to meddle with this issue… <.<;

2015-01-27 Delivery Moogle Ixali 02

I decided to follow more unproblematic letters. Which problems could a scholar possibly have?

Well, the really bad kind.

He was expecting his pupils for a lesson but they were nowhere to be found. He thought, they had left him and had given up on their studies!

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 01

Right. <.<;

The scholar ran off and a moment later, the pupils arrived by chance. They were confused as the lesson was supposed to take place tomorrow, not today. XD

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 02

Nevertheless they read the books the scholar had prepared for them and studied carefully.

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 03

One of the pupils event went to get some crystals they were experimenting on.

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 04

Then the teacher returned, they explained the situation. He was really shocked.

Such a confused genious researcher…

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 05

In the end, everyone cheered them up!

They would never leave him and the studies just like that. Such loyal pupils ö.ö

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 06

My delivery moogle skill went up. Would I soon be able to deliver letters without solving people’s problems?

I think not.

That’s probably why the Delivery moogles are hiring adventurers: they are sick of solving the problems themselves…

2015-03-12 Delivery Moogle Scholar 07

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