Story 2.5: The Quest to save the Cookies

The imperial cookie factory was called “Keeper of the Lake” because they kept all their cookies for themselves and if you wanted some, you had to travel to the lake. This only applied to imperial soldiers though.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 11

Of course, they had monsters that were protecting the factory from intruders but we slayed them down like they were nothing!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 12

Just wait for us, cookies! We are coming to your rescue!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 13

Some pretty nasty and flying foes stood in our way, but we made it!

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 14

The cookies were stored EVERYWHERE!

The workers came to attack us but they were no match, of course.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 15

They even tried to save some of the cookies by using a dangerous machine, but it didn’t quite work out.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 16

In the end, we found cookies of ALL SIZES! See below the KING sized cookie jar.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 17

But then, suddenly, a giant serpent awoke to life.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 18

He was the protector of the cookie jar storage facility and was unhappy to see me.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 19

I rushed to Mag’s side so that he would be charmed by his beauty.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 20

It didn’t work and his watchdogs attacked.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 21

In the end, we killed those too.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 22

It was only that serpent and us.

And the cookies.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 23

“Your cookies are mine now!”, I told him.

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 24

He was like “No, filthy Lalafell! The cookies are MIIIIINE!!”

2015-01-24 Story 2-5 25

That was when he released a powerful magic. So powerful, I felt it was devouring mine…


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