Riiko’s Tankventures Part 2

I don’t really approve of this constant killing.

You really are supposed to be protecting other people. Why do I get attacked and have to slay everyone instead? I mean, we could just SHARE the clothes, if it’s that what you want.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 10

On my battles, I suddenly saw some familar faces.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 11

They were just standing there, completely shocked to see me.

I can only imagine what they had been up to…

2015-01-31 Tankventures 12

They pretended they had come there to battle some enemies, but I am not so sure about that…

2015-01-31 Tankventures 13

Anyway, I was there to challenge some evil Paladin!

2015-01-31 Tankventures 14

It didn’t take me too long to kill him and his companions.

Some more experienced Paladin came by and cleaned the crime scene for me. Thanks, bro!

2015-01-31 Tankventures 15

Finding Warrior and Paladin really strange, I still appreciated the gear that I was given.

I looked really evil as Warrior!

2015-01-31 Tankventures 16

Careful!! It bites! ò….ó

2015-01-31 Tankventures 17


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