Riiko’s Tankventures Part 1

As you surely remember, I practised the arts of Warrior and Paladin in order to become a really great and reliable tank.

I continued my training and fought the most fierce dragons in Eorzea!

2015-01-31 Tankventures 01

Tiny me wasn’t eaten by the giant dragon in Snow Vigil! It’s tank magic!

Plus, I’m awesome.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 02

Finally, my trainers thought, I was strong enough to wear the traditional Warrior and Paladin gear.

They allowed me to open super old chests through Eorzea and take one set of clothes out of them. Those clothes were goddamn old and smelly but they would do.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 03

My Warrior teacher was a bit more of a challenge. He let me fight a giant, horned, naked Rogadyn!!

2015-01-31 Tankventures 04

I would never forget about that fight. it was terrifying. My teacher didn’t really see the problem.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 05

It was then, when I learned some cool ability…

2015-01-31 Tankventures 06


I directly consulted Ritz as she was an experienced tank and lingering around my house.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 07

She was like “you’ll get used to it”.

2015-01-31 Tankventures 08


I thought I should continue my Paladin training rather than my Warrior one…

2015-01-31 Tankventures 09

So I was asked to slay some evil paladins and healers.


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