New Hairstyles

There was a time when Jam went through a phase of finding her true style.

One day, she approached me with the most dangerous PvP weapons I had ever seen. She and Ritz had new hairstyles that looked terrific.

2015-01-23 Jam Ritz 01

Jam was really angry that I didn’t like her short hair. It reminded me too much of Penny’s new hairstyle from The Big bang Theory which doesn’t look good.

2015-01-23 Jam Ritz 02

Ritz was looking really cool though. Like a strong, independant woman!

2015-01-23 Jam Ritz 04

Shortly after, Jam returned with a rebellious hairstyle. Like she wanted to say: Screw you Riiko!!

2015-01-23 Jam Ritz 03

Not sure if little Hildy gave her the strange idea for the rebellious hairstyle or if she had some other bad influence…

2015-01-23 Jam Ritz 05

She looks kinda cool after all but I’m worried, Jam will become a really bad girl! >.<;

2015-01-23 Jam Ritz 06

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