A Relic Reborn: The Nexus

Until a while ago, I was farming lights.

After like 2 months, I finally received great news:

2015-01-30 Nexus 01


2015-01-30 Nexus 02

The two relic bosses decided to work together to make me an even better relic weapon.

I was so excited.

What would they come up with now? I couldn’t wait to hear.

2015-01-30 Nexus 03


2015-01-30 Nexus 04

Their great idea was to get special items that they could craft into some newish weapon.

So I was to do specific dungeons, obtain items from there (with a super awful droprate).

2015-01-30 Nexus 05

Everyone loves this kind of quest. Especially Jam learned to Love Sastasha HM!

2015-01-30 Nexus 06

Meanwhile, Ritz enhanced her gathering weapon and became Ritz of the Golden Land! Whoa!!

2015-01-27 Lucis 01

Jam did the same with her crafting tool and became Jam of the Golden Hand! Everything she touches turns into gold, so make sure to let her touch you!

2015-01-27 Lucis 02

2015-01-27 Lucis 03

I pretendted I was a part of that awesomeness bu they soon realized, I was far from their golden amazingness.

2015-01-27 Lucis 04

And so, I started gathering items.

2015-01-30 Nexus 07


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