Hildibrand is onto something, or at least he thinks he is.

One day, the Gentleman Gang met up in Ul’dah.

It was a very strange day.

2015-01-27 The Gentleman Gang 01

It contained strange posing in Hildibrand style and was highly contageous.

Visgal started the Gentleman post and people followed!

2015-01-27 The Gentleman Gang 02

It even took me in surprise and together, we posed in front of new adventurers.

They seemed very confused.

2015-01-27 The Gentleman Gang 03

But let me tell you how it all started.

I met up with Hildibrand who promised me to teach me his secret posing techniques if I support him with his current investigation.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 01

I was to support Hildi’s conclusions and lead him on the right way…

His conclusions weren’t the best, as you can expect.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 02

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 03

And so, my quest to let Hildy shine as inspector began!

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 04

While everyone was cheering him on, I found clues and hints about the phantom thief.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 05

They lead to Vesper’s bay. We found a merchant dealing with a suspicious powder.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 06

When we came back to Ul’dah to check the powder, the paladins had been attacked!

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 07

As we rushed to their aid, Hildy staggered! If the powder was released, it would result in the end of the world. Or something like that.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 08

Thankfully, Hildy managed to catch the bag with powder in time.

Nevertheless, I felt that someone was watching us…

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 09

God joined us and helped us with the investigation.

He knew there was a spy within our ranks and he would help reveal him!

Was the phantom thief one of us?!

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 10

But who could it be? Who was a fake?!

Hildi investigated this and suddenly, Nashu was acting all strange and suspicious. She seemed so much smarter than usual.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 11

So we demasked her!

Turns out, another pretty lady had disguised as Nashu!

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 12

She was the phantom thief?! O_O;;

But… he looked so hot the other day… ;_;

Such a disappointment!

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 13

Unfortunately, she released the powder on Hildy.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 14

He directly fainted and fell to the ground.

2015-01-24 Hildibrand 2-5 15

Was this the end of Hildi’s legend?


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