T8, Swiftperch, Lalas bathing, hot Mag, Materia Transmutation, Shiva Posing (aka too lazy to think of a good title)

Fun fact: I have been in T8 without knowing anything. We lost. I have won T9 weeks after that defeat. Never challenged T8 again. o.o;;

2014-09-18 Coil T8 01

I always wanted to post this beautiful view from Swiftperch but never got the chance to.

2014-09-13 Landscape Swiftperch

Have you ever seen these shameless, bathing Lalafell in Camp Bronze Lake? >////<;;

2015-01-24 Lala bath

Mag has some new gear! °////°;;;

2015-01-24 Mag new style 01

He looks way hotter in this though /drooooooool

2014-12-25 Mags new glamour

I tried out some Transmutation-thing of Materia.

It payed off a little when I got lucky enough to get some T3 materia that sells for quite a bit. Not worth it in general though. Not with the current Materia prizes.

2015-01-10 Materia Transmutation 01

I also managed to obtain a Materia that was higher than the 5 Materias I gave away. Woohoo~~

2015-01-10 Materia Transmutation 02

Shiva Posing like a PRO!

2015-02-06 Shiva Posing

Thanks for reading this short post with small things that don’t really make their own post. :D

(Okay, I could drool about Mag for weeks but who wants to read that? ;_; )

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akhe
    Mar 09, 2015 @ 09:46:07

    Nef. Nef probably wants to see droolworthy picture of Mag. Ofc she wouldn’t tell me that, so I’m just guessing…



  2. Ryko
    Mar 09, 2015 @ 20:47:45

    Nobody! Because mag looks awful.



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