A New Challenge: The World of Darkness and the Crystal Tower to be sealed forever…?

To our surprise, that Nero dude and the Allagan siblings were waiting for us already.

The girl had collapsed. @.@ Was she dead?!

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 17

Of course, she wasn’t dead, she was just taking a nap in Nero’s strong arms.

That was when some evil enegery was sent towards the group and when it hit the Miqo’dude, it got reflected!

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 18

Turns out, the Crystal Tower had chosen the Miqo’dude as its master. This means, the Miqo’dude received the Tower’s full protection and is able to steer and control the Tower at his will.

To support the Miqo’dude and to enhance his Allagan powers, the siblings gave up their powers.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 19

They handed it over to the Miqo’dude so that he could leave the World of Darkness and seal it off for good.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 20

And so, we proceeded towards the exit.

To our non-understanding, the siblings did not follow us. >.>;

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 21


We ran out of the darkness into the light. Screw them!

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 22

Actually, Nero followed us. He was running so slow that he couldn’t keep up with us. lol

So in the end, Cid had to grab his arm and pull him into the light so that he’d get out… Nero is such a loser.

All is good that ends well.

We celebrated big time.

Well, everyone did except me. The Miqo’dude had been like NO help at all. He didn’t fight with me, he just followed me in the shadows, then ran out of the darkness with me. <__<

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 23

Finally, we returned to the Crystal Tower and the Miqo’dude sealed off the gates.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 24

He would only opent he gates again if a strong person like me needed access to destroy the enemies in order to get some cool loot.

That is very supportive of him ö.ö

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 25

I’ll so come back for cool loot! ö.ö

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 27

In the end, Nero has a mid-life crisis and wasn’t sure what to do.

It seems that he decided to follow the path of the light.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 28

Now, everyone is excited to know what kind of new ruins, dungeons and adventures will await us after Crystal Tower.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Maybe some pyramids? A water temple? A post-apocalyptic town?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Feb 02, 2015 @ 09:50:24

    Such a cool look from Riiko in the second-to-last panel!



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