A New Challenge: The World of Darkness within the Crystal Tower

The Crystal Tower boss was defeated but he left a portal to the World of Darkness behind.

With the help of Cid’s innovative machines, we were able to keep the portal open and send people through to save the Allagan Siblings.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 01

The hot Miqo’dude asked, if he could join me on the journey. Sure, if he was gonna use that bow for something other than decoration on his back.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 02

As we had gathered at the throne room, Cid started his device and the portal slowly started opening.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 03

The portal to the world of darkness liiked like Sauron’s Eye just in black and blue.

Quite scary. o.ô

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 04

I said goodbye to the World of Light…

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 05

…and hello to the World of Darkness.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 06

It was full of terrible monsters, masses of chimeras and plenty of demons. @.@;;

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 07

In a group of 24 people, we ventured forth through the dangerous Darkness.

2015-01-21 World of Darkness 08

Will we be able to slay all the dangers lying ahead or will Atomos devour us and trap us in another world forever?!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 11:31:24

    I knew Riiko was descending into Darkness!


    Unrelatedly, I did this yesterday as part of LS group event and as tank had to rely on some pretty unreliable healers, as Nef reverted to her previous role as black mage. I think it helped her work off some stress. The Mysterious Danger did some impressive damage too, despite her ilvl.

    ‘Impressive. Most impressive.’ – Thyla

    Go Nef! I’m cheering for you and protecting you whilst you fight!




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