Maddening birthday presents and a maddening fashion style

A while ago, two officers celebrated their birthdays together by going into T9 and slaughthering the enemy. At least they tried.

Due to their unsuccessful attempts I felt they needed to be cheered up. So I delivered them awesome birthday presents!

I gave Lyssa a Maddening Dagger.

It was like THE perfect gift.

The Dagger made her so mad, she wanted to stab me in the back with it but she couldn’t cause the level of the dagger was too high for her lowlevel Ninja.

I’ve rarely laughed more.

2015-01-08 Birthday - Lyssa

Next, I came to Ritz and offered her a cute Sylph pet.

She didn’t look forward to her present.

Ritz hates Sylphs.

So I have her a Cabbage.

Ritz things, Sylphs are cabbages and should be eaten.

I think, Ritz enjoyed the cabbage very much the very same day. ö.ö

Later, Vis came by to show off his new fashion.

2015-01-11 Fashion 01

Everyone was amazed by his brown-colored underwear.

And by amazed I mean scared to death.

2015-01-11 Fashion 02

While we were at it, I presented my new Spriggan fashion.

Those Spriggan ears wiggle so wonderful, I totally fell in love with them <3<3<3

2015-01-11 Fashion 03

Also, I’m looking forward to more awesome fashion from Visgal. Please continue to be a true inspiration for us all!


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