Delivery Moogle Adventures: Family Issues

My next letter was addressed to the daughter of a merchant. The merchant wrote something about his life was going to end soon.

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 14

As the daughter didn’t see her dad often, she panicked and quickly created a potion to cure him.

When she handed the potion over, the dad was confused. His life wasn’t actually over, was it?

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 15

He had only been talking about his life as a merchant and kinda formulated his letter a bit… misleading.

The daughter got super angry and never wanted to see him again.

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 16

She ran off and directly ran into the hands of some Amaal’ja.

Of course, I saved her and brought her back to her home in Little Alah Mihgo.

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 17

Checking back with her dad, he was relieved she was safe and gave me a present for her.

It was her mom’s jewelery which he had kept ever since she had died. He wanted his daughter to have it and keep it.

She was highly touched and hadn’t expected that his dad had kept it.

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 18

All is well that ends well!

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 19

Next, I went to solve another family issue.

This little Miqo’girl’s sister had been obducted by some coeurlclaw gang or somet. So I was to check up on her and save her.

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 20

Turns out, her sister was with the king of the Miqo gang! O_O;; Were they… a couple?!

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 21

Anyway, I managed to get the sister out of there but the gridanian guards wouldn’t let her pass. They believed she was just gonna invade them =.=;;

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 22

As much as she tried to convince, they wouldn’t listen and attempted to attack the weaponless miqo girls!

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 23

That was when the King appeared! He protected the girls and told the one he had been with to stay by his side. Only then he wuld be able to protect her.

They are SO dating, I tell you!

As long as she was save, all was good.

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 24

And so, another family drama was solved and I shall deliver the last letters soon!

2015-01-12 Delivery Moogle 25

Save the Postmoogle! Save the world!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Jan 19, 2015 @ 10:04:56

    Sorry Riiko, but as a loyal member of the Twin Adder I will have to arrest you now. Don’t worry though, I’ll properly make sure to use my contacts that you’re cleared of all charges and that your Miqogirlfriends can come live with you in Gridania away from that suspicious tomcat. Akhe will properly support all Riiko’s romantic adventures.



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