The Mooglification has begun

I know, it sounds crazy but the Mooglification is actually happening.

In towns, the sightings of fancy adventurers with Moogle heads have been reported in the past weeks.

Adventurers are slowly turning into Moogles! O_O;

2014-12-22 Moogle King

When I came back to my house to check on my plants, Ryko and Scott were waiting for me.

Which is nice.

The only problem: They started to mooglify!! @__@;;

2014-12-22 Moogle Attack 01

I pretended like nothing was different than usual.

I invited them in and they quickly invaded my home and made themselves comfortable.

2014-12-22 Moogle Attack 04

They insisted, we should do really cool poses together… Uhhh…

I was so embarassed. (But it was so much fun!)

2014-12-22 Moogle Attack 02

We then took a bath with my own Moogles. It felt a little bit weird and I was feeling a bit more chubby than usual. Was I being infected by the mooglification?!

2014-12-22 Moogle Attack 03

When we stepped outside, Akhen was there.

I mean, he looked like Akh except for his moogly face @.@;;

2014-12-22 Moogle Attack 05

When he ran away, all that was left to me were Ryko’s adorable melons that would provide me with the only comfort I had left in this world:

If a guy could grow melons, so could I!

2014-12-22 Moogle Attack 06

I might have made Ryko feel a little uncomfortable though… <.<;;

Also, I’m not sure if the mooglification is a good or bad thing. It shall be observed and researched.


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