Riiko, the super cool Rogue

Recently, I’ve been doing some Rogue training.

I really do like wielding two weapons at once.

Also, it’s completely magical how you can just stand there…

2014-11-07 ROG 01

..and then you disappear while creating a huge cloud…

2014-11-07 ROG 02

…and afterwards, nobody sees you or suspects anything! O_O;


Yeah, it’s just THAT cool :D

2014-11-07 ROG 03

So I was getting trained by some rogue experts as you can see in this picture:

2014-11-07 ROG 04

I also learned about the way, Rogues treat bad people.

They hang them.

On a rope around their stomach in the middle of Limsa until they regret their bad actionss.

2014-11-07 ROG 05

Also, I learned some pro ability.

By brutally stabbing myself, I shed my own purple (?!) blood and enhance the damage of my daggers as they are covered in blood.

2014-11-07 ROG 06

It’s pretty cool but I start getting worried about having purple blood.

Have other Lalafell experienced having purple instead of red blood? @.@;


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