Seasonal Event: Fleece Force fortifying fabulous fluffy adventurer-sheep friendships

The time had come. The year had come to an end and a new year had begun. The year of the Sheep.

Of the Fleece Force!

This is why I was to take the organizer’s fluffy sheep and travel through Eorzea, suporting people in need.

Well, actually, this dude wanted to convince people that sheep should totally be part of an army and fight in wars.

He’ll never get this realized <.<; Nobody is gonna fight with these fluffy cutesy creatures!

2014-12-31 Heavensturn Fleece Force 01

Anyway, I traveled through small towns helping people in need. The sheep would dance a special relaxation dance and the affected person would feel relaxed and fall asleep to regain their strength eventually.

2014-12-31 Heavensturn Fleece Force 02

This way, we helped even a merchant’s chocobo who was waiting for his buddy at the camp. As the buddy wasn’t there as expected, he though something had happened and thus, he refused to sleep.

2014-12-31 Heavensturn Fleece Force 03

Turns out, the buddy chocobo’s owner had left in a rush for some other business and wouldn’t wait for the buddies to reunite. Awful!

Back at the event organizer, I met his assistant who had dressed as townsmaid to spy on him and his Fleece Force Army plans.

We explained to him that sheep weren’t meant to be used to fight but he just wouldn’t see it.

Then, suddenly, the little sheep started dancing!

Usually, the master of the sheep has to command the dance and only then, the sheep uses its magic. Otherwise… it can even die O_O;;

2014-12-31 Heavensturn Fleece Force 04

The organizer fell into a short nap and when he awoke, the sheep was lying next to him, near death.

With united forces we cheered it up to recharge its magical powers.

And it worked!

2014-12-31 Heavensturn Fleece Force 05

The sheep was saved and the organizer gave it to me as new part of my minion army.

He realized that this was the perfect place for his sheep to be: Among other super cute creatures, preparing to take over the world!

2014-12-31 Heavensturn Fleece Force 06

All’s wool that ends wool.


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