Cool stuff, minions and a hobo in the Lavender Beds

The other day, when I traveled through Ul’dah, I came across these really cool people. Has anyone ever seen two cooler buddies before? ö.ö They sit there all day while just being cool ö.ö

2014-11-20 Cool NPCs 01

Speaking of cool.

Mag recently became a highlevel White Mage! He looked so cool in his amazing clothes <3<3<3 So hot!! /drool

2014-11-22 Mag WHM

Have you ever seen the banner of Minfilia’s gang in Mor Dhona?

One day, my eyes suddenly discovered it. Has it always been there? When did they put it up? And who designed it? O.o

2014-12-01 Banner of the Scions

It wasn’t soo long ago, when Mirr suddenly approached me.

She handed me the most beautiful feather hairpin I had ever seen.

“I remember, you really wanted this one. So I made one and decided to give it to you.”

She didn’t want anything in return. Only my happiness.

And let me tell you, I was happy! Still am. ò.ó/

Thanks to Mir, I am now wearing the most adorable item on my very own head. ö.ö

One day, I shall make you happy the same way you did for me!

2014-12-13 Mirrage

One fine day, I was farming timeworn maps. I even bought some for discount prices and fought countless battles.

My goal was to receive one of the very new and very rare Spriggan hats!

Instead, I suddenly saw a little nutkin, injured and all alone. I couldn’t help but adopt it and make it part of my minion army.

2014-12-13 Nutkin 01

Then, I stumbled over Nanamo!

She had been obducted from her palace by Nez and was now leading more of an adventurous life. o.O; I wonder how Raubahn was handling things in her absence…

Nanamo seemed to really enjoy herself though, which is great! ö.ö I haven’t seen her this happy since Halloween.

2014-12-15 Nanamo minion

+++++++++++URGENT NEWS++++++++++

A seemingly homeless person was spotted in front of the ghost house in the Lavender beds. It’s the house where the plants have withered and nobody goes to after it has been looted by burglars. Now, its garden seems to have become home to some poor, anonymous Lalafell.

2014-12-15 Jams house hobo

Careful! Her bits might carry viruses and could start an epidemy!


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