Housing: Demon Summoning Circle

The Lavender Beds are a beautiful area. The nearby attractions around my house are unique and beautiful.

I adore the waterlily pond. From there, you can watch the sunset. So pretty!

2014-11-28 Housing 01

Nearby, there is also a picknick corner where you can sit and directly look into my garden ò.óV

2014-11-28 Housing 02

Recently, Jam has organized a small swimming pool dor her chocobo which seems to prefer not using it. Instead, Jam’s neighbours constantly occupy the relaxing bath.

2014-11-28 Housing 03

One night, I suddenly received an adorable present from lil Nez!

The bear and me even look kinda similar and sit in the same way O_O; I shall call it Rii-Bear!

2014-11-28 Housing 04

When I was designing my christmasy dress for the christmas party, Vis suddenly appeared and scared me quite a bit. @.@;

He was wearing cooking clothes and his frying pan was exactly lalafell-sized x_x;;

Luckily, a beautiful swan lady protected me.

2014-11-28 Housing 05

I mentioned the magical portal the other day.

It’s an installation which looks like a normal carpet but can be activated by the 3 Tonberries standing around it.

2014-11-28 Housing 06

With a little bit of my magic, I can summon people.

2014-11-28 Housing 07

This was, when I summoned Mag.

unfortunately, it didn’t work properly on the first try as he brought a miqo girl glost from another dimension with him O_O;;;

2014-11-28 Housing 08

I holied and banished the ghost away!

Finally, Mag had been summoned and should now be bound to my house. He can’t move away too far, otherwise, he will be sent back into the dark dimension ò.ó

2014-11-28 Housing 09

Also, please look at the new winter collection. Favorite colors this season are black, white and sky blue!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ramzah
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 22:54:49

    I read the Tittle with Summoning, and then I see the first picture, that reminds me of Yuna, when she summoned dancing some of her weaklings. Weaklings compared to the mighty that you summoned ^.^



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