Housing: A cozy home invaded by Lala eating plants

Now it was time to design my home.

I had so many ideas mut only so much space.

One idea was a beautiful, romantic bed for two ö.ö

2014-10-28 House 07

Upstairs, i spread the royal manor feeling so that Mag would feel comfortable, too. It shouldn’t be too cute upstairs, otherwise he’d die from all the cuteness.

2014-10-28 House 08

I installed a sofa with a big dining table…

But this wasn’t all. You could even sleep on the sofa!

2014-10-28 House 32

It’s like… breakfast in bed ö.ö

2014-10-28 House 18

I was still working on comfy pillow areas when Jam summoned her pillow minion. I had to get one too! >.<;; It was just SOOOOO comfy!

2014-10-28 House 19

Outside, I installed a melon bath to purify your skin and make it smooth and soft.

It’s very popular ö.ö

2014-10-28 House 20

After leaving the house on its own for a few days was a terrible mistake. When I returned, it was full of Lala eating poison plants! @.@;;

2014-10-28 House 21

It took super long to get rid of the plague. :\

Then, Ryko and Mag came over to investigate my VIP Lounge in the basement.

2014-10-28 House 33

It was alright.

Mag handed out some glasses and we became the cool hipster gang.

2014-10-28 House 34

Together, we took a bath to discuss hipster things.

2014-10-28 House 35

So hipster!!


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  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Dec 18, 2014 @ 09:42:56

    Most weekends I bring Nef breakfast in bed… indulgent French-breakfast leaf-brewed tea and organic porridge with Canadian maple syrup. Sometimes she will shower and we go shopping, other times, she prefer a relaxing bath which ofc I run for her to the perfect temperature. In either case I properly make sure that all the flowers I bought for Nef over the years have had their weekend drink and are in good condition… they need loving care and attention, just like Nef!

    On weekdays I usually get up first so that she can sleep in whilst I have my shower. She has an adorable sleeping face. I often get her breakfast of Oat Granola and Twinings English Breakfast tea ready for when she comes out of the shower.




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