Housing: Army Strategy Meeting in Nez’ secret base

Next was Nez’s home. She lived in the Mist and owned a small chocobo stable. The stable was empty so that wannabe hobos like me could live in it.

2014-10-28 House 42

The entrance area of Nez’s house gave me an idea what a wedding could look like. A haunted wedding! All the candles were flying around!

2014-10-28 House 43

Downstairs, we turned into strategic masters, discussing how to manage our troups.

2014-10-28 House 44

In the end, I displayed how in the end, I would stomp over the battlefield and stomp all enemies to death. It was perfect.

In the process, all towns would be destroyed but thanks to us knowing this would happen in advance, we had stored endless amounts of building material to rebuild the town and making endless money.


2014-10-28 House 45

Nez also owns a haunted sofa.

Whenever you wanna sit town on the fireplace stone thing, the chair draws you in and you suddenly sit on the chair instead of the stone O_O;


Next, Nez took me, and later on Leo, on a ride on the 2-man-chocobo! It’s so big and strong ö.ö

2014-10-28 House 46

In the end, I was allowed to poke Nez’s giant boob hat…

2014-10-28 House 47

Back at the Market board, I was menaced by weavers! Lolnix intended to kill me with his giant needle! O_O;; Everyone ganged up on me and I could only escape thanks to my fast feet!

2014-10-28 House 48

Ever since, I prefer to idle on the roof of random houses, looking out for danger.

2014-10-28 House 22

P.S. Nez moved into the Lavender beds! Wooosh! ö.ö


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