Housing: A new home

I was checking the Lavender beds already for ages.

Analyzed the perfect spots, nicest houses, best surroundings and all in all the most amazing places to live.

2014-10-28 House 01

Then, one fine day, I bought my dream house.

I was able to buy a small house at my most favorite small house plot. My most favorite medium house plot was right next to it and other small plots were nearby so a few, unfortunately not all, friends could find a home around me.

2014-10-28 House 02

And thus, my house was built.

2014-10-28 House 04-2

The flowers around it are glowing at night! It looks so beautiful at any time of the day ö.ö

2014-10-28 Private Housing 01

People moved in around me. Mag decided in the end that he would live with me and save his money for something more awesome than a house.

2014-10-28 House 05

Then, I moved in with the first furnishings I have stored at my retainers.

2014-10-28 House 06

Let the designing of the home and crafting of new things begin!


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