Amazing party with Shiva! Join the fun!

I felt really bad for Shiva. More and more people challenged her and she got beaten up over and over.

To cheer her up, we organized a party! :D

Shiva is the queen of snow and ice. THE person you want to go to when you feel like eating icecream and having a blast at parties.

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 01

We challenged her and told her like, hey girl, we don’t wanna fight, we just wanna hang out and party with you.

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 02

We offered flashy light effects, including feathers and heartwarming magic!

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 05

She was not convinced yet and attacked us with icicles which looked really nice as decoration ö.ö

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 04

After some amazing blasts from our Black Mage, Shiva was convinced.

She wanted to join out party and have fun in the cold!

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 03

Still, she was jealous of the fancy animations we created and showed us her utterly beautiful charme.

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 06

She did some terrifying things that looked very beautiful.

Yes, so beautiful that we all got frozen in ice, smasched to the ground, pierced by ice and much more.

It was a blast!

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 08

In the end, she didn’t like the way we didn’t dance inside her ice prisons and just destroyed us.

2014-11-16 Shiva Ex 07

What did we learn? Never ever invite Shiva to a party or tell her that there will be one. She’ll join either way and make you regret.

P.S. On a later day, Mag and me united our superpowers and showed her who the boss is. She was very sorry and promised, she’d never blew up ice on our parties ever again.


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