Story: The path to Shiva, a new Emperor, a Spy within the organization and the sudden appearance of a friend… and stuff like that

That lady didn’t talk too much, but she asked me to follow her.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 18

So I stood there, trying to attune to the Aetherite.

It wouldn’t work.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 19

Reporting back to Alphinaud and Minfilia, they were like, yeah, no idea, let’s talk with the bosses of the 3 cities.

As if that would help.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 20

On our way, we met Yugiri.

Gosh, had she always been this tall?! She looked like a giant and was twice as tall as my elezen companion.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 21

As expected, the conference was for nothing. Quite useless.

The only thing they said was that they expect the Aetherite to lead to Shiva. <.<; Yeah, as if I hadn’t had that expectation already.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 22

Then, they informed us about a new Imperial Emperor!

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 23

He had prepared a huge army and was just taking over the throne as we spoke.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 24

He looked really cool though. Can’t wait to destroy him too. ö.ö

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 25

Back in Gridania, there was a clue about the spy. An Elezen Lady and it seemed, she hat relations to the Ishgardians.

Okay, how is that suspicious?

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 26

In the end, I followed and caught her thanks to the incredible sneezing skills of my Gobbue. ö.ö

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 27

She was willing to get caught and give up.

Guess all the sneeze bacterias made her all dizzy.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 28

Back at the Headquarters, we were watching Tataru play with some knifes. Yeah. Nobody was scared or anything. What could go wrong?

I was expecting she would slip and cut off a hand or a finger at least.

It didn’t happen. I swear I stood there and watched her for hours.

She wouldn’t even get tired.

now that is scary x_x

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 29

Then, an old friend that nobody had ever mentioned before, joined us!

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 30

She seemed to have a crush on Urianger who totally wasn’t into her. He also didn’t appreciate her tight hug at all. Poor guy.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 31

Of course, she brought what we needed. A special crystal.

Everyone would send some of their own aetheric power into the crystal which we would then sen dtowards the Shiva Aetherite in order to activate it.

How handy that she came to see us just for that.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 32

So they sent their powers into the crystal.

2014-10-28 Story 2-4 33

It looked pretty cool. o.o;


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