Hunting down the Colibri

New Dungeons can be really boring. Especially when you just enter them to kill a bunch of pirates.

That was, until I came across this colibri. He’s always been there but this time, I felt like catching him. ò.ó;

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 01

So I had my magic pursue the colibri in order to never lose track of him!

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 02

We ventured forth into deep underwater areas, fought scorpions, lamias and other creatures.

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 03

We even met the captain again. He had beome a Pirates of the Carribean captain and needed to be slain.

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 04

Unfortunately, he would suddenly release the Kraken!

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 05

The Kraken was not amused and tossed the Captain away with one of its tentacles.

Then, it proceeded to try and kill us Colibri hunters!

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 06

We wouldn’t net that happen and weakened the Kraken so much that it returned to the ocean.

I was summoned to Aleport to inform the Yellowjackets about the strange creature they had found in the middle of town… Urgh.

2014-10-28 Sastasha HM 07

Underneat the Captain I found it. My long searched Colibri!

It was badly hurt so I took it home and cured its wounds. The originally badmouthing Colibri and me became super good friends!

2014-11-25 Colibri Minon


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