The Torch has been born

It was still during Halloween time when the quest board was camped for new unique quests to pop up. For new leves and new special missions with unique rewards.

2014-10-25 Ifrits Cane 01

Would have been nice if that had been the case.

Truth is, everyone had gathered to saw the making of the one and only Inferno Cane.

I had gathered the ingredients over weeks, waiting for discounts on the market board.

Finally, I was able to privde Master Crafter Jam with all ingredients.

2014-10-25 Ifrits Cane 02

She worked hard and worked sucessfully.

Then, she equipped *MY* cane.

She was all like: lolololol look at my new staff!

2014-10-25 Ifrits Cane 03

I was not amused.

In the end, she handed the staff over to me. It felt surprisingly light but still powerful. Nothing else is to be expected from Jam’s skills. She has very skilled hands.

2014-10-25 Ifrits Cane 04

Then, I proceeded to take awesome photos with my fellow White Mages.

Trem was not amused.

2014-10-25 Ifrits Cane 05

In the end, I just stoof there and people just queued to be photographed with me ö.ö

I also received a cool nickname. The Torch!

Actually, I came up with it myself. It sounds like the powerful name of a true hero! ö.ö

2014-10-25 Ifrits Cane 06


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