Halloween Event 2014: The Sultana is gone

Next, I went to Ul’dah.

I was welcomed by a huge crowd of costumed people, people wearing illusional leader outfits and people without costume who just wanted fun.

I’d be the star of the parade with my awesome ghost outfit!! ö.ö

2014-10-20 Halloween 19

I followed the witches’ orders and finally joined the parade.

It was quite interesting. Peoplw roaming the streets, throwing pink pumpkin fireworks at citizens, pectators and everyone else!

2014-10-20 Halloween 20

Later, I went to have a drink at the Adventurer’s guild when suddenly…

2014-10-20 Halloween 21

Raubahn seemed very troubled.

He aproached the waitress who was super scared of him.

The only thing he wanted to ask was if she had seen the Sultana… But the streets were full of Sultanas!

2014-10-20 Halloween 22

It seemed that he and the Sultana had gone out to join the event while there were hundreds of doppelgängers out there.

Raubahn had one last resort. He spread happiness and joy with the unique parade ability!

It looked ridiculous.

2014-10-20 Halloween 23

In the end, it worked.

The Sultana aproached him and couldn’t stop laughing!

Even when he was scolting her for running out of his sight, she couldn’t hide that grin on her face.

2014-10-20 Halloween 24

It didn’t take long and suddenly, Raubahn found himself surrounded by half a dozen Sultanas!

They all stared at him, cheered him up, danced and totally charmed him.

He couldn’t defend himself against the army of cuteness.

2014-10-20 Halloween 24-2

After a while, the Sultana saved him by just dragging the rather paralyzed Raubahn away.


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