Halloween Event 2014: Messing with the commoners

Witches in town used magical enchantments on everyone who asked for them.

So I transformed into a Gargoyle and set up my own shop of Halloween sweets.

It was very popular, especially among the imps. ö.ö

2014-10-20 Halloween 06

Not long after, Mag and me were transformed into bats. Bats are the ninjas among animals and monsters.

They sneak around, mostly unnoticed and gather intel!

2014-10-20 Halloween 09

This is also how I found the Gridania boss, totally scared and helpless!

What a rare sight.

2014-10-20 Halloween 07

Not long after, I witnessed how she got over her fears and danced a funny dance. o.O;;

2014-10-20 Halloween 08

Enough of this! I had to support the witches and their awesomely promising sounding Parade that was going to happen in Ul’dah.

2014-10-20 Halloween 10

I was sent to limsa to help the local staff out with some stuff.

Evil Eyes were monopolizing the pumpkin decorations in the Aftcastle! *gasp*

2014-10-20 Halloween 11

They were quickly scared away by several (!) Mewrylwblsbywsylylswylyws who just conquered the place!

2014-10-20 Halloween 12

Suddenly, one of the many Mewrilywblys made a jobful gesture like she had never before enjoyed the scary Halloween time so much.


I decided to follow her.

2014-10-20 Halloween 13

At the adventurer’s guild, she was accused by just being another person wearing a magical costume.

2014-10-20 Halloween 14

That was when she got really mad.

She was the real deal!

Poor Adventurer Guild dude.

2014-10-20 Halloween 15

She then proceeded to the next poor lad who was to receive some pumpkin decoration. Mag followed her in his Mewrrylwb costume.

The poor lad was very confused. Both looked very real and yet he had heard rumors of the real one roaming through town.

2014-10-20 Halloween 16

In the end, I asked the real Mewrylwbl to pose with me at the Grand Company.

2014-10-20 Halloween 17

And then, she jumped over my staff!

Best Moment in limsanian History ever!

2014-10-20 Halloween 18


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