The Troublesome Life of Marauders

So I was trying to train my giant Axe skills as Marauder when suddenly, that silly useless kiddo tried to fight a giant enemy, 100 times bigger and stronger than him.

2014-10-15 Marauder 01

Needless to say, he fell off a small cliff and landed directly around the next enemies.

2014-10-15 Marauder 02

I was near and ran in to help.

2014-10-15 Marauder 03

That was when that Conjurer Lady Mywrkwywywywywy or something like that came to my aid.

We slayed the cojotes and the giant buffalo retreated.

2014-10-15 Marauder 04

When the kid was safe, an expert Marauder – he looked like the boss of our guild – appeared and hugged the lil kid.


2014-10-15 Marauder 05

He brought the kid back to his father.

I’m pretty sure this kid will endager itself a lot more often and one day, he’ll die from it. <.<;

2014-10-15 Marauder 06

When strafing the lands, I was suddenly attacked by a bunch of Marauders, lead by someone who liiked like our guild boss but he was wearing a mask and denied that he was the boss.

Right, not suspicious at all.

2014-10-15 Marauder 07

His axe was bigger than mine and he had more powerful muscles and a giant body but I was still stronger due to my Lalafell Superior Race.

2014-10-15 Marauder 08

In the end, I received a new axe for my glorious victory.

I was also trained in patroulling by the EA Expert Warriors.

2014-10-15 Marauder 09

We patroulled the msit to keep the area safe and secure.

When looking at Ryko, I felt really small and nooby. One day, I wanna be a strong Warrior like he is! ö.ö

2014-10-15 Marauder 10

Then, Ryko and me guarded the streets as Chocobo Yukata Protectors! ò.ó/

2014-10-15 Marauder 11

We received numerous reports that people not only feel safer, they also saw less and less retainers trying to steal windows, walls and roofs in our ward!


2014-10-15 Marauder 12

If you see a suspicious person, please report to your nearest Warrior or Marauder guardian. ò.ó/


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ahkenaten Sienna
    Oct 27, 2014 @ 09:39:50

    I feel safer already! gj Riiko!



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