Inspector Hildibrand: Vegetable Conspiracy

Of course, it didn’t go well.

The Elezen Inspector was so surprised by the next sheet that Mayu had dropped, that he tossed away his torch.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 16

While the reporter pushed the Inspector out of danger, Hildibrand came running in to prevent the worst.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 17

He caught the torch with his head – like a hero.

Unfortunately, Mayu sneezed and the torch fell on a bomb.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 18

You know what happened next.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 19

Hildibrand found himself in the middle of an explosion again.

The inspector thanked the journalist who had saved his life.

Only Hildibrand could survive such explosions.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 20

The fruits and vegetables were burned down and useless. What would we eat at the wedding now?

The bride’s das was very disappointed in our poor skills. :(

I felt really bad.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 21

Somehow, we had to get a fresh supply of food, so we checked with merchants.

We indeed found someone who stated that he would have fruits and veggies, if the evil Vegetable Gang had not stolen them all!

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 22

I went to the Umbra Isle to investigate…

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 23

That was when the Veggie Gang attacked! @_@;;

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 24

They were all gigantic Vegetables and I was really scared!

How would I be able to fight them all on my own?

Potato was still asleep!

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 25

I truested my skills as adventurer and Arch Whitemage.

And even if the King Tomato used breathtaking abilitites, I would not give up!

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 26

In the end, I knocked them all out and took their food supplies with me ò.ó/

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 27

That was when the dad of the bride said something suspicious.

He was sure that the veggies had been purple but they had been blue all the time.

How could this be?

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 28

Easy: He had disguised himself as Guard. The guards wear red goggles so the fruits looked purple to him.

He ran off before we could capture him.

Next, we found the real bodyguard unconsious at the beach. x_x;;

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 29

The Veggie gang spied on us while we were discussing the next steps with the real bodyguard.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 30

The real curlpit convinced the Veggie Gang to work with him as they had similar goals…

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 31

That didn’t look good.

Next, we finally went to see the bride with her real dad.

She was a beautiful maiden who totally did not want to marry the wimpy groom. It had all been a decision of their parents.

2014-09-07 Hildibrand 32

Hildi could not let the bride marry someone she didn’t love. He had to protect her.

And he had the perfect plan…

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